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Coming from a family of baseball players, music was the last thing Riv ever thought he would be pursuing. While running around with a crowd of skateboarders throughout his high school years, he was introduced to his local garage rock scene by the filmer of his crew. After attending a number of shows, he thought to himself: "Wow, even I could do better." 


Three months into learning how to play the guitar, he began to make attempts at writing his own original work. Less than a year into this process, he convinced his dad to allow him to travel to Los Angeles with the sole purpose of recording a song with an audio engineer he had only talked to a few times over email.  With that leap of faith, the stars aligned and his song Lollygaggin' was born and sent out into the world in April of 2020. After receiving waves of positive feedback, he felt he should take his newly made musical career more seriously.


He began to release music on a consistent basis, quickly formed a live band, and started to spread the word about his songs in any way that he could in the months after the release. By 2021, he already had a numerous amount of shows under his belt, including winning UTEP's Battle of the Bands which resulted in him playing alongside Coolio, Ying Yang Twins, and Petey Pablo simultaneously.

Up until now, Riv currently has two EP records and eight singles out on all streaming platforms. With each given day, he continues to work on getting his music heard by people all over the world and has no plan to stop anytime soon.

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